A playable installation near Walthamstow Town Square.

What is more frightening: an unprecedented event, or knowing the event is our doing?

Glaciers are melting, oceans are rising, temperatures are warming, reefs are dying, forests are burning and habitats are drowning. The Climate Crisis is casting a long shadow over our world, our communities, species, diversities, and collective ecosystem. It isn’t enough for us to receive or disseminate information but intervene in the subject matter through meaningful dialogues.

Verbal Kabaddi VII is a self-motivated game-play that allows players to recite urgent times in a single breath. The participants recite tongue-twisting texts to acknowledge the climate calamity as faced by our fragile ecosystem.

Verbal Kabaddi is an embodiment of a community-building exercise at a time when we have all experienced isolation, or in many cases still are. The game-play represents unions and reunions as a collective effort to address “climate emergency” as the need of the hour by racing against time.

There is also an online version of the game if you can’t make it in person.