Jump COVID Guidelines

We are committed to creating safe environments for artists, staff and audiences. The majority of our events will take place outside, following at a minimum the current government guidelines. All events will maintain social distancing, hygiene and mask protocols for all artists, staff and audiences.

Many of our events are durational and on throughout the festival so as to spread out the amount of people visiting them at any one time, there are events online so that anyone can join in, and the rest of the events have been planned with covid safety in mind.

Please see individual event pages for more information including date, time, location and any required booking information.

If you would like more detailed information about accessing any of our events, please get in touch with Tracky Crombie (Creative Producer)

Symptoms or Isolating

The safety of all our artists, staff and audience is our first priority, so we ask you all to kindly not attend events if you:

  • believe you may be have COVID-19;
  • have experienced symptoms within the last 10 days;
  • have been in contact with anyone who has experienced symptoms in the last 10 days,
  • or you have been instructed to self-isolate.


The majority of events have been planned for outside to ensure air flow and space at all events. Where events are indoors this is noted on their listing on the website.

Social Distancing

To support people in returning to live events social distancing will be encouraged throughout the festival. We ask that you maintain social distancing and follow our one-way systems wherever possible.


For any indoor events during the festival we will be requiring you to wear a face mask out of care for others attending. If you are medically exempt from wearing one please let the staff know on arrival.

Whilst masks are not required for outdoor events, we would encourage you to do so especially when social distancing cannot be maintained.

One-way System

Our one-way routes will be used at certain events (including the market) and will be clearly signposted to help you navigate your way.

Hand sanitising and Cleaning

Everyone will be required to sanitise their hands when entering indoor spaces or handling game materials, and we will sanitise commonly touched items between players.


If any of the paid events have to be cancelled you will be offered a full refund on the ticket price, or transfer to a different date if possible. If you have been advised to self-isolate through track and trace, we will offer a refund.

Track and Trace

As our events are predominantly outside we will not be implementing Track and Trace as per current Government guidelines, but specific indoor events may use track and trace to comply with individual venue covid measures.


Wherever possible, we recommend you test before coming to any of the events so as to ensure the safety of everyone attending. 

Testing twice a week increases the chances of detecting COVID-19 when a person is infectious, helping to make sure you don’t spread COVID-19.

Rapid lateral flow testing is available for free to anybody, but is particularly focused on those who are not fully vaccinated, those in education, and those in higher-risk settings such as the NHS, social care and prisons. People may also wish to use regular rapid testing to help manage periods of risk such as returning to the workplace, close contact in a higher risk environment or when spending prolonged time with a more vulnerable individual. You can get tests from pharmacies or online. Find out more about how to get rapid lateral flow tests.


All of our events are accessible by public transport, and we encourage audiences wherever possible to walk or cycle to events. Please use a face mask if you travel by public transport.  


Wherever possible staff at events will be able to direct you to nearby public toilets and cafes. There will not be any specific event facilities.